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Common Causes for Brown Patches in your Lawn

Sometimes, caring for your lawn can be frustrating. You believe you’re doing all the right things to care for your grass, yet suddenly brown patches begin appearing out of nowhere! In this post we’ll outline some common causes for brown patches in your lawn and advice on how to remedy them. Human Error You may…Continue Reading

What to do about weeds?!

They are annoying, unsightly, and persistent, (insert joke here) and chances are weeds are hiding beneath the surface of your lawn waiting for the right moment to make their spring appearance. Weed seeds can lie dormant in the ground for years, untouchable by drought, fire, and herbicide and there is no sure fire way to…Continue Reading

How to Start a Compost Pile

As the leaves continue falling, are you wishing you had a way to put them to good use instead of kicking them to the curb? With all that natural yard waste literally raining from the sky, now is the perfect time to start a compost pile or bin to use on your lawn and garden.…Continue Reading

Leaf Clean-up with Highlands Landscape

After a long, sultry summer the cool fall season is a welcome change. Neighbors begin to take to the outdoors again as the leaves change into their bright and beautiful autumnal shades. The air is lighter, crisper and you don’t miss summer one bit, until, the leaves begin to collect in a thick blanket all…Continue Reading

Fall Lawn Care- MetroWest, MA

You know that fall is officially upon us when Halloween candy fills the shelves and pumpkin spice infuses every aspect of daily life. As humans begin to let their belt buckles out an extra notch, nature is busy at work preparing for the harsh winter weather. Lush spring lawns are born in the fall, which means…Continue Reading

Landscaping Masonry in MetroWest, MA

Thanks to runways and fashion magazines around the globe September has become month of reinvention. Style has a way of communicating the way you approach life; sloppy and exhausted, or polished and confident? Yet, style isn’t confined to the square footage of your closet; it pours out into every aspect of daily life from the…Continue Reading

Tree and Shrub Planting for Fall

When it comes to landscaping, spring reigns supreme. Yet, the season of renewal isn’t the only time of year that is ideal for planting new life in your yard and sprucing up your landscape. Fall conditions offer a great start for new trees and shrubs so less work and more beauty will be awaiting you…Continue Reading

Fall Bloom Ideas- MetroWest, Ma

Massachusetts’ fall foliage is the undisputed star of the season, but every great star needs an entourage. With the shift of seasons upon us it is the perfect time of year to plant beautiful blooms for fall and give your garden a glorious transition to the first frost. Highlands Landscape would like to offer a…Continue Reading

Landscaping Tips for August

The month of August is notoriously the most unforgiving summer month no matter where you are in the U.S. of A. It’s hot, humid and the only outdoor activity anyone can perceive doing usually involves a large body of water. We get it August, you like it hot! As the mercury rises you may feel…Continue Reading

A Basic Guide to Fertilizers

We all desire lush and beautiful lawns and gardens, but sometimes feeding our plants the proper nutrients may feel like an uphill battle. Browsing the aisles of available fertilizers can be overwhelming to say the least. Organic or synthetic, do you need a specialized formulation, and what do those three numbers mean? Maybe you’ve applied a fertilizer to your…Continue Reading


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