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You know that fall is officially upon us when Halloween candy fills the shelves and pumpkin spice infuses every aspect of daily life. As humans begin to let their belt buckles out an extra notch, nature is busy at work preparing for the harsh winter weather. Lush spring lawns are born in the fall, which means now is the time to give your grass the boost it needs before the winter white out. This week, Highlands Landscape is sharing a few steps to fall lawn care that will help to keep your grass happy and healthy.



Cool weather grasses which are typical here in MetroWest, MA reach their peak growing season during late summer and early fall. Aerating will help break down thatch, bits and pieces of dead grass, that gather above the soil line. When thatch builds up too quickly to be naturally broken down a barrier forms and keeps moisture and air from reaching grass roots. Aerating is a gentle way to get the good stuff to your lawn right where it needs it the most. An aerator pulls plugs of soil out of your lawn to loosen compacted soil allowing better access to air and water. High traffic areas of grass and areas with heavy thatch can benefit from aerating every one to two years.


Once your lawn has been aerated it is perfectly prepared for over-seeding. The holes in the lawn create ideal conditions for seed to germinate and mature just before winter temperatures take hold. Over-seeding will help to fill in areas of damaged or overstressed grass, thicken and improve lawn’s appearance, and strengthen your grass to fend off insects and diseases.

The path to a great lawn requires tremendous care, the ability to plan, and also as we live in New England, an appreciation for seasonality. There are so many factors that go into a great lawn.  Even more so there are so many factors that make having a great lawn so important! Lawn maintenance is a big part of what we do and it is a facet of our work that we take great pride in.

If you would like some help preparing your lawn for the winter months ahead, please give us a call at (781) 431-2338, or you can reach us direct through our website.




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