Fire Pit in Wellesley MA

Our Highlands Masonry team recently installed an outdoor fire pit for a client of ours in Wellesley, MA.

Deciding On An Outdoor Fire Pit

Before we started any of the physical demo and construction, we met with the home owner and talked about a few potential ideas for what might be a great outdoor fir pit for their property.

We reviewed the landscape together to survey for location – in this instance we chose a location that was off towards the back and at one point had been a garden. This was a great choice as it was removed from the main house and provided us with a distinct area that we could really mold into something great. The location we selected also provided a good amount of open air which delivers some great night time views.

In addition to location, we also reviewed a variety of approaches both for the physical fire pit as well as for the patio.

Fire Pit Construction

As you can see from both the “before” and “during” photos, for this particular job we created a very distinct patio area as well as a ledge to help deliver and addition border for the entire fire pit which really helped to deliver the feel of a distinct new “room” on the property.

In order to create this type of look and feel our Highlands Masonry team had to dig deep enough to provide a great outdoor foundation that will provide for longevity. We also needed to carve out a portion of the small hill on one side which again, provided a distinct outdoor “room” feel for the final outdoor fire pit.

The End Product

As you can see, we utilized a number of different types of stone for this project which provided some nice subtle contrast while also staying inside of a distinct earth tone color palate.

In addition to the outdoor fire pit, we also built out a patio large enough to easily accommodate chairs and even some side tables.

The ledge serves a number of purposes as it will act as a retaining wall next to the hill, but it also provides a nice distinct end point for this part of their property. The ledge can also serve as an additional area for outdoor seating.

Your Turn

If you are considering a similar type of project for your property, we’d love to come by and provide a free estimate. We are very experienced with these types of jobs, our crew is first rate and most importantly we are great listeners which allows us to transform your property goals into reality.

Feel free to give us a call at (781) 431-2338, or reach out to us directly through our website and we will find a time to see you. And yes, there is still time for this season to both install and more importantly to be able to enjoy your new outdoor fire pit!


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