Landscaping Tips for August

The month of August is notoriously the most unforgiving summer month no matter where you are in the U.S. of A. It’s hot, humid and the only outdoor activity anyone can perceive doing usually involves a large body of water. We get it August, you like it hot! As the mercury rises you may feel the need to escape the demands of your outdoor landscape for air-conditioning and a cold beverage and we completely understand, but your yard still needs your help to stay beautiful. This week, Highlands Landscape would like to share some landscaping tips for August to help your yard beat the heat and prepare for a gorgeous fall season.

  • Water– Keep up with your watering schedule. Be sure to water lawn and plantings at least an inch per week. Clean up any standing water to keep mosquitos at bay and remember to freshen up bird baths for our fine feathered friends.
  • Weeds– Pull or spray any weeds that you see before they flower and go to seed. This will make your job easier in the years to come by keeping those weeds from having a chance to germinate beneath the soil.
  • Lawn– August is a great time of year to sow lawn seed for cold weather grasses. Aerating your lawn now will give you a head start on your fall lawn maintenance.
  • Deadhead– Remove any spent blooms to encourage one more round of summer blooms from your annuals and perennials. Pull any dead or weak plantings to keep your garden beds looking fresh. Remember to check plants for disease and pests and treat them accordingly.
  • Mulch– Keep your plants beds cool by adding fresh mulch. This will insure that your plants keep their soil moisture during the long, hot days.
  • Prune– Cut back any overgrown shrubs. Remove water spouts from trees and check branch ties.
  • Plant– Be one of the first to the garden supply to pick out your fall blooms and prepare for the new fall season!

There you have it folks, put this list of landscaping tips for August in your back pocket and keep your status as landscaping top dog of your neighborhood.

If you’re in our area and would like to discuss your plans for your fall and winter landscape we would love to hear from you! We offer a great deal of local experience when it comes to designing and building out gardens and we have access to a wide array of seasonal planting options as well to insure that your garden will be flourishing through the fall.  Fall is also a great time to plant for the upcoming spring season.

Feel free to give us a call at (781) 431-2338, or reach out to us directly through our website and we will find a time to see you.


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