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After a long, sultry summer the cool fall season is a welcome change. Neighbors begin to take to the outdoors again as the leaves change into their bright and beautiful autumnal shades. The air is lighter, crisper and you don’t miss summer one bit, until, the leaves begin to collect in a thick blanket all over your precious landscape. The downside to a beautiful outdoor season is that all those leaves have to be cleaned up before the first frost permanently glues them to the turf. Before you reach for your rake this fall, here are the 3 best reasons to schedule leaf clean-up with Highlands Landscape.

#1 Your Rake Just Won’t Cut It

Blisters and business meetings don’t go hand in hand and lets face it, using a rake for leaf clean-up is painstakingly time consuming. Even your hand held leaf blower is no match for the sheer amount of heavy soggy leaves that have taken up camp in your yard. Highlands is well equipped with all the right tools and we haul away the mess for you.

#2 All Those Leaves Can Kill Your Grass

After a long hot summer your lawn doesn’t need the extra stress decomposing leaves can bring. Loads of leaves on your lawn blocks sunlight and water evaporation which can eventually cause mold and disease. The soggy decomposing leaf matter is also just the kind of environment mosquitoes love to breed in. You’ll be doing yourself and your lawn a favor by getting the leaves off the ground before too long.

#3 Fall is the Season for Family and Friends

Fall is a season for entertaining! Football cookouts, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving, the list goes on and on with excuses to spend time with the ones we love. Raking leaves with the kids isn’t exactly the happy memory T.V. and movies make it out to be. So go ahead plan a fall get-together or go on an apple-picking picnic and enjoy the best parts of the fall season knowing your yard is in good hands.

With over a decade of experience, we are very proud of the many long-standing relationships we have developed over the years with so many of our customers. Our team of landscapers is very capable, and we strive to exceed the expectations of all our customers both in delivery as well as with regard to overall maintenance of your property.

If you would appreciate some help with fall yard clean-up, please give us a call at (781) 431-2338, or you can reach us direct through our website. As always, we can provide you with a free estimate for any of your landscaping needs.


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