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Here at Highlands Landscape Construction & Tree, we offer the following tree services that cater to the full life cycle of your trees.

Tree Removal

Our fully insured professional team offers outstanding tree removal services ranging from the small to the very large trees.  In addition we also offer stump removal services.

Whether your trees are aged, damaged or for aesthetic reasons, tree removal requires skill and expertise on multiple levels as tree removal can be dangerous.  Fortunately our expert tree removal team can handle your job safely allowing our team to take on the stress of your pending tree removal needs.

While tree removal is not necessarily a service we like to emphasize given how much beauty and benefit our trees can provide, we understand there are many instances where either a full or a partial removal is necessary as often dead or dying trees can quickly become hazardous.

Click the link for a video of our tree work: Tree Removal Video

Tree Care

We offer a variety of tree services specifically directed towards the care and nourishment of the trees on your property.

Some trees require a specific soil composition, and yet other trees require a very specific watering cycle.  We also provide a variety of treatments focused on preventing pests and other insects from devouring your trees.

Fortunately, we are well aware of the local foliage and make a point of continually educating ourselves to track new developments specific to trees (focused on both care and prevention)  and our capable team is very able to assist you in the care of your trees.

Tree Pruning and Management

Another one of our tree services is tree management. A tree that was planted years ago can often introduce unique challenges with regard to the overall safety of your property.  In particular, with regard to tree management, it is important to have an experienced team working on your branch removal projects so as to ensure the ongoing health of your trees.

This aspect of our tree services can be seasonal, and of course, there are other times where nature can come in and make the need for branch removal very real.

We are also very able to make recommendations and to provide for tree pruning based on the various trees on your property.

If you are unsure if your trees require pruning or if perhaps you are worried about the integrity of a specific tree on your property, please call our team to arrange for a free tree consultation.

Tree Planning

We also offer up comprehensive tree planning and design services. Trees can add so much value and beauty to a property. With our rich knowledge of a variety of trees and how trees can balance a new or existing property, we are happy to work with you as you look to introduce new trees to your property.

In addition to providing you with great ideas on what might look great on your property, we also take into consideration other tree related issues such as longevity, projected growth of a particular species of tree, cost, and upkeep required for different trees.

Emergency Tree Services

For all the beauty we are so fortunate to enjoy here in New England, we also face some extreme weather conditions.  For this reason, we offer emergency tree services.  Between the bouts of intense snow, along with the occasional hurricane, there are moments where trees get uprooted and require immediate removal.

Should you find yourself in need of an immediate removal of a tree on your property, please contact our office to arrange an expedited tree removal.

Your Safety and Comfort

We know the tremendous emotional connectivity that so many of our customers have with their trees, and we will do everything we can to provide you with great advice while balancing the best for your property.

In addition, we provide all our tree services with a focus on safety and the protection of your property. We are also fully insured.


With over 10 years of landscaping excellence, our fully insured operation provides a state-of-the-art approach delivered by a top-notch professional staff.

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