Wellesley MA New Turf Job

Sometimes it happens. A lawn is in such a state of disrepair that the best solution is to introduce new tuft (also known as sod.)

These are always interesting jobs for the Highlands Landscaping crew as the results are pretty extreme as compared to the starting point, and in this case of this Wellesley, MA homeowner that was certainly the case.


New turf jobs are a service that we provide, and it is also a service that our entire team takes a great deal of pride in delivering. With all our new turf jobs, you can be assured that our crew will be very focused on a great outcome and we will be highly attentive to all the details.

New Turf Job Key Considerations

Every new turf job while on the face of it might appear to be the “same” the reality is considerably different. Before we even begin a new turf job we will take into consideration a number of factors to make sure that we are selecting the best option for your property. Factors such as the amount of sunlight, watering schedule, trees in the area and also perhaps a desire to match turf with other healthy grass areas on your property are all considerations.

With our years of experience in this space, our clients are able to rely on our deep knowledge to help make the best turf decisions possible with regard to the specific needs of their property.

New Turf Job Soil Preparation

When it comes to preparation, our crew always goes the extra mile to ensure that that soil is amended as needed, and that we can get your yard in shape while still delivering a truly professional approach.

Laying Down New Turf

As we lay down new turf our crew is always making the extra effort to line up the grass in the best way suited to your property, to minimize the gaps between rows and also to make sure that as we lay down turf on the edges we are not leaving spaces that will quickly dry out.

Being Gracious Guests

Okay. There is no way to say it other than to say it. Laying down new turf can be a very messy operation. There is soil on the ground. Often there is a need to introduce additional soil. And of course the turf itself. Despite all this, in addition to delivering a first rate experience in terms of laying down the turf, you can be sure that when you hire Highlands Lawn & Landscape, when our crew completes the job your property will look fantastic.

In addition, we are very proud of the level of professionalism we bring to every engagement – whether it is a residential or commercial job, we are immensely appreciative of the work and we treat every property as if it were our own.

Devotion to Details

This intense devotion to details is a big part of the secret to our success and it is truly what we believe separates Highlands Lawn & Landscape from others.

If you are thinking about laying down some turf either for a new or existing property we’d love to come by and provide you with a free estimate, and also to make some suggestions in terms of how best to approach your upcoming new turf installation.


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