How to Start a Compost Pile

Late Spring Gardening Tips

As the leaves continue falling, are you wishing you had a way to put them to good use instead of kicking them to the curb? With all that natural yard waste literally raining from the sky, now is the perfect time to start a compost pile or bin to use on your lawn and garden. Compost is the best way to improve the fertility of your yard space while also saving time, money, and landfill space. Beginning a compost pile doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy; we’ll show you how to start a compost pile in a simple way so that you’ll have “black gold” to keep your yard lush and healthy.

Choose a Place to House Your Compost

Compost tumblers and containers are nice to have but aren’t a necessary component to beginning a compost pile. if your yard is large enough or you live in a rural area, beginning a compost pile in a back corner of your yard is totally acceptable. For most, a compost bin will help to keep things neat and tidy. A basic compost bin is much like a garbage can without a bottom so that all the microbes from the soil can get in there to do their work. If you happen to have an old garbage can lying around you can simply cut out the bottom and ta-dah, a compost bin! Be sure to place your compost in an easily accessible area to keep yourself from lugging compost materials long distances to and from.

Collect Materials for Your Compost

Start your compost pile with a layer of green material such as green leaves and grass clippings and non-meat kitchen scraps. A second layer should include brown material such as garden soil, brown leaves, and tea or coffee grounds. Moisten your first two layers before adding another green layer and topping it off with more garden soil. It’s a good idea to keep a small container in your kitchen to collect veggie and fruit scraps, coffee or tea grounds, and egg or shellfish shells that can be emptied onto your compost pile daily.

Wait for it….

Within a few short months decomposition will have done its job and you will have dark, rich compost to use in your yard just in time for spring! Just continue to add your kitchen and yard scraps to the top and use your compost from the bottom. Your new compost pile can be used to keep your lawn greener, your garden stronger, and your flower bed more vibrant and pest-resistant. Nothing is standing in the way of becoming your own organic gardener!

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