Stone Patio in Wellesley MA

Our Highlands Masonry Team recently completed this outdoor stone patio for a client in Wellesley MA.

Stone Patio Considerations

Every stone patio has a unique set of circumstances surrounding it, and this job was no exception. As you can see from the photos, the home owner wanted to extend their existing wooden deck with something more than grass.

In addition we elected to build a slight retaining wall abutting the deck in order to provide a nice visual continuation of the stone patio, and also to provide a great visual bridge that allowed the stone patio to feel like it is directly tied to the wooden deck (and to the house) rather creating a more stand-alone environment.

Another aspect of this stone patio that was interesting is that we also built out surrounding retaining walls on the sides leading out to the yard. These walls can serve as additional seating areas, while also offering a distinct outdoor stone patio experience.  The mini-retaining walls also provide a great opportunity to introduce a variety of gardening opportunities (notice how this property owner has already begun to establish this concept on their wooden patio).

Once the grass grows in, along with some room for shrubs and plants, the muted stone color will provide a calming experience that will further add to the tranquility while still offering a series of distinct outdoor environments.

Stone Patio Construction

When putting this job together, our masonry team had a number of factors to consider.  First we wanted to make sure that the final product was going to deliver an outstanding outcome for the home owner.  In addition, when approaching a job such as this one, there are many other critical considerations such as the creation of an adequate bed underneath the stone, having access to the right excavation and building equipment, proper binding materials, measurements, the types of material both for the patio and the mini-retaining wall as well as other issues revolving around a good timeline, and a professional demeanor.

Fortunately, our masonry team has developed the necessary skills to not only deliver a job such as this outdoor stone patio, but also to do it a manner that provides for great outcomes at every phase of construction!

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