Wayland Stone Patio

The Highlands Lawn and Landscape masonry team recently did an interesting stone patio job for a client of our in Wayland MA.  The property owner was interested in something that would add visual appeal to their property while also creating a new patio area that would be functional and also visually appealing.


As you can see from the “before photo” this was an area of their property that already received a great deal of foot traffic given the relationship of this space to back door.  Also from the location of the umbrella we assumed that this was also an area that the property owner would sit at on a semi-frequent basis.  With all the tightly focused foot traffic, chairs, umbrella and likely table in this space the lawn was showing some severe wear and tear.  Even worse, when it rained the area was no longer functional for sitting, but the mud also created a potential mess that would track indoors.  Clearly it was time for a change.

After talking with the property owner we landed on a very nice solution by introducing a stone patio to this area.  We purposefully selected the earth tone color of the stones to match the stairway and also the house (while the french doors are white, if you look to the left side in each photo you can see that the house itself is brown.)  We also felt that by using darker earth tones there was a very color palate that greatly enhanced the space both while under direct sunlight, but also during times of shade.  In addition, for this Wayland stone patio job we wanted to make sure that our approach was a good overall fit for the property and for the neighborhood in terms of both functionality as well as overall design.

One additional element that you cannot see in the photos is the great attention to detail that our masonry team provided in establishing a great environment for long term value and sustainability of this new patio.  Before we laid the stones we prepped the entire area by first digging out some sand, then by laying down a bed of gravel.  We then compressed the area with a special machine and added another layer of sand.  Only then did our team finally begin to lay the stones and cement down.  By adding this extra layer we have created a very good environment for the stones to have room to flex over time – and again, given how much traffic this outdoor patio area will receive, that extra effort is critical.

We deliver outdoor masonry services to clients throughout the MetroWest, including the towns Wellesley, Weston, Natick, Wayland, Holliston and Ashland.  We always welcome new clients and certainly if you are considering a new outdoor patio, stone steps, brick walkway, new retaining wall or anything in between this season we encourage you to reach out to our team to see what we are all about – you will not be disappointed! 


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